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XVII - the Star

A nude woman stands with one foot in a stream. She has two pitchers which she prepares to pour on the land and water. A mermaid swims by in the stream. There are three small dogs on the bank beside her, as well as a stork. Seven small stars and one large one shine overhead. The landscape is a gentle rural scene, with a water-wheel further down the stream.

My Interpretation: Your goal can be reached if you set your path and keep to it.

Fulfillment of hopes and dreams. Success, critical acclaim of creative achievements. Joy, health and happiness.

(Reversed: A wonderful opportunity may be missed through negativity and a pessimistic outlook)

Edit notes: This card is far more similar to the Rider-Waite card than my original version. I don't know if the mermaid is terribly relevant to the meaning of this card, but I had to include her somewhere as I love mermaids.

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