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The Celtic Cross

This spread or layout is the most common, popularised by promotion with the Rider-Waite Deck, the most common tarot deck. It is also known as the Grand Cross. There are many variations on this spread, particularly the position in which they are laid. This is the way I read them:

Firstly, a Significator is chosen to represent the subject and laid in position 0. This is often a Court Card. The remaining cards are then shuffled by the dealer or subject, then cut three times by the subject and laid in the following order:

1. Cover: General influences currently affecting the subject and the situation in question.

2. Cross: Obstacles which may be confronting the subject.

3. Crown: The subject's goal in the situation under question - the best that can be achieved under present circumstances.

4. Beneath: The foundation or basis of the matter, factors which have been affecting the situation.

5. Behind: An influence which has recently passed, or is passing from the situation.

6. Before: An influence which is beginning to affect the situation, or will soon do so.

7. Self: The subject's present position or attitude in relation to the situation.

8. House: Influences arising from the subject's close friends, family and other people important to the subject.

9. Hopes and Fears: Fairly self-explanatory!

10. Outcome: This is the most important card in the layout. It indicates a final result - "the future", if you will. If it is a Court card, it often represents an actual person.

Cards which appear upside-down are known as "reversed", and usually the meaning is significantly altered, even opposite to the upright meaning.

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