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A Significator is chosen to represent the subject (the person for whom the reading is being done). It is usually a Court card, although if one of the Major Arcana cards more appropriately represents the subject and their relationship to the matter in question, then one of those can be used as a Significator. Most commonly, this is the Magician for a male subject, or the High Priestess for a female one.

A Significator can be chosen for purely physical characteristics. Usually a King is chosen for an older man, a Queen for an older woman, a Knight for a younger man, and a Page for a younger woman, youth or child. Swords represent the very dark of colouring; Wands, those with reasonably dark colouring; Cups, those with mid-toned colouring; and Coins, the very fair.

However, if more effort is put in to choosing an appropriate Significator based on the particular characteristics of the subject and the meaning of the card chosen to represent them, I believe that a more accurate outcome is likely.

COINS .+. Page .+. Knight .+. Queen .+. King .+.
CUPS .+. Page .+. Knight .+. Queen .+. King .+.
SWORDS .+. Page .+. Knight .+. Queen .+. King .+.
WANDS .+. Page .+. Knight .+. Queen .+. King .+.

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