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Glad tidings, fellow travellers.

"Golden Tarot has been collaged completely from artwork of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

From a time of violence, pestilence and oppression came poignant images of gentle beauty and human frailty.

They speak to me of a truth that is timeless, and hope that flowers even in the darkest conditions. I hope that they also speak to you".

- Kat Black, artist/author of Golden Tarot.

If you're a first time visitor, please read the Welcome page to familiarise yourself with the site. More familiar visitors may wish to read the News, or find what they're looking for quickly using the Sitemap. The Aeclectic Forum (see below) contains the most up-to-date news. If you want to take other people's word for whether it's any good, various online reviews can be read from here.

Golden Tarot has been voted one of the Top Ten Tarot Decks of All Time in 2004, 2005 and 2006, 2007 and 2008 at Aecletic Tarot Forum :)

In July 2007, Kat did a podcast interview on that you might like to listen to.

The Golden Tarot Deck & Companion Book are published by US Games Systems. Enquiries about use of images for reviews etc should be directed to USGS.

If you want to ask me anything about the deck, please use the fab Aecletic Tarot Forum. My very own thread with FAQs is at:

The deck is also listed on Wikipedia and Taropedia, if you have anything to add to those entries.

I'm currently working on a new project, Touchstone Tarot


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