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About Me

Want to know more about my personal view of the Tarot, or personal information to give you the false impression that you know who I am?

I'm Australian, although I also spend time in the US and UK when I can. I design websites (see links), paint, write, and a lot of other stuff. I value creativity more than financial success - although maybe that's just to justify my own lifestyle as a penniless artist who often can't afford a new printer cartridge.

I'm quite a private and introverted person, but you can probably find out a lot about me from my sites if you are so inclined. I use a couple of different pseudonyms for different web personas - this is partly to avoid creepy stalkers, to keep a bit of privacy, and also to express different sides of my personality without confusing audiences too much. I wish that my work would speak for itself and I could personally remain invisible and anonymous, but I'm a pragmatist and I know that the modern world is a celebrity-culture and that who you are is as important as what you do when it comes to marketing. Ack! So here are some pics of me. Lucky you.

I've had an interesting life and lived in several countries. I was married when I was very young to an English third-generation Gilder, which perhaps influenced my love of medieval gilt artwork. To watch a Master Gilder at work is fascinating - true craftsmanship of the sort that is rarely seen these days. If you're wondering, we're long divorced now, but that hasn't put me off gold leaf and antique artwork ;^)

I don't follow any organised religion, but I'm very passionate about my own beliefs - such as being a vegetarian, and keeping an open mind about the world around me (see my site I believe that the more we learn, the more we realise how little we know - which is a wonderful thing, as that means there's so much to look forward to discovering every day.

My partner was a fellow art student, and you can see his work at We have very similar aesthetics & skills, and we often collaborate on art projects. We're hoping to collaborate on a new tarot deck, I guess it depends how commercially successful this one is.

I would love to travel through Italy and Eastern Europe to see more of these artworks for real, so if you all go out and buy ten copies of Golden Tarot when it's published in 2003, perhaps that wish will become a reality one day. MWHAHAHA! I'm planning the Grand (Golden) Tour already!

My ultimate dream-life would be working fulltime via the internet on creative projects such as this, and to own two small, secluded houses - one in each hemisphere, so I can follow winter for the rest of my life. Strange, huh?

If you want to know more about the deck - eg, the pictures, my sources, etc - check out the Site section.


Kat Black, August 2003

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