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King of Wands for Aeclectic Community Deck II

Produced for Aeclectic Tarot's Subscribers' Community Tarot Deck II in 2004, copyright Kat Black. If you want to see all the other cards, subscribe to Aecletic! Dedicated to my lovely toy-boy Jasper ;)

A nude King draped in fine red brocade sits on a stone plinth. He holds a wand from which several leaves sprout. He wears only a heavy, ornate gold crown. A scroll flutters from his staff, bearing the title King of Wands.

My Interpretation: A man of many talents.

A charming man, witty and enigmatic. Virile, strong and fiery in nature, with a tendancy to be a little hasty.

(Reversed: A crisis may be brewing, and you must keep your head. A ruthless man may try to crush your resistance).

Edit notes: I've detracted from the RWS deck more than I usually do in order to have a bit of fun - a virile 'man of many talents' may well be best able to demonstrate them unclad ;)

Sources: Unlike my usual sources, I've stuck to well-known artists for this card, the "Superstars of the Renaissance" - da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bottecelli etc.

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