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Balingup Medieval Canivale
Saturday 28th August 2004

I don't get out much! But once a year I do enjoy going to the Faire - Balingup Medieval Carnivale, to be exact. It's the only proper Medieval / Renaissance Faire in my home state of Western Australia, and it's in a beautiful little country town in the South-West of the state called Balingup. I'll point you at a a site with more info, but it's very out of date:

There is a procession, accompanied by music and wonderful costumes. Most of the stallholders get into the spirit and at least dress in costume.

In 2003, I did short 3-card readings in a tiny candlelit tent - at least I got to keep warm on what was a pretty wild and rainy day (if only it was held a month or so later, when the weather was more likely to be fine! August is still winter here, but as that's when the tulips are in season, it's held then). Poor Jasper was shivering outside in his chainmail, but he looked so cute.

This year, I won't be doing readings as I want to meet more people at the Faire and it's a bit difficult when I'm hidden away in a tent for the whole day. I hope a friend of mine will do readings in my stall though. I'll be selling tarot decks, my homemade bags and also some aromatherapy products I make - perfume oils, bath salts, hand creams etc with essential oils. I'm going to make some especially themed for the day - "Sherwood Forest", "Tudor Rose" and "Saracen's Gift".

One of the best ways to attend the Faire is to catch the Hotham Valley Steam Train down from Perth. I'm not sure if it runs every year.

The demonstrations by various Medieval Re-enactment groups such as Perth's Grey Company were great fun. I'm sure some SCA people must have been there too, although I'm not involved in the re-enactor scene here in Perth so I wouldn't really know.

There are some great photos of the event at:

If you're coming along, I really recommend you dress for the occassion. You could make your own costumes (which is a lot more fun - we did) or you can be a lazy-bones and buy or rent one. I suggest:


Kat Black, July 2004


Lady Kat in 2003
I made my own costume in 2003 - although the beautiful red velvet cape is vintage, was my Gran's.

Sir Jasper in 2003
My wonderful partner Jasper in a friend's homemade chainmail. Thanks Jesse!

A photo I took in 2001 (I think) of the cutest little knight you ever saw.

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