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The Legal Schmegal and Stuff

I produced Golden Tarot v1.0 as a 'labour of love' for medieval gilt graphics. It took several months of serious effort while I was travelling in the US and UK and unable to do paid work. I don't mind that it's never made any money, and I'm happy for people to use that first version for personal use.

I am NOT happy for any commercial use of my work, however, particularly without my permission. If you steal my work, aside from the bad karma, I will do what I can to protect my legal rights. In addition, now that I've signed a contract with US Games Systems, you'll have them to contend with too. They are basically the legal owners of the deck now.

Thank you so much to the readers who have been so supportive of the deck - the campaign to get me to produce the deck 'for real' has paid off. Leading this push was New York artist Judy Sidonie Tillinger, whose gorgeous photos you can see at

I'm also grateful to those people who have let me know when other people have breached my copyright. I really appreciate your loyalty and effort :^)

A good starting point regarding copyright of collaged artwork (and home of my favourite deck so far this century, the Victoria Regina Tarot Deck) is:

funny strange

Other stuff that you might want to know about the site:

It's run by me. This site and the first virtual-only version of GT predates the 'real' deck by three years or so. I was a web developer before I became a tarot artist/author, and US Games have kindly agreed to let me keep running my own site, my own way. I am responsible for all aspects of this site, including graphics, design etc. is my 'work' site.


Kat Black, April 2003

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