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Sites Worth Seeing

Here are some of my other own sites:

medieval graphics & backgrounds
Medieval graphics freebies - This site has been recently rebuilt and contains a page of good medieval and free graphics links. Bending forks. It's very empowering. What more can I say? This site also includes a zodiac compatibility chart and free e-cards with astrological symbols made from contorted cutlery.
lounge of the ubermole
E-cocktails served by lingerie-clad Barbies. Total time-wasting!
giz a job!
Most of my other sites are linkedfrom here, my main portal.

And here are some other tarot sites that I recommend:

us games systems inco official site
My Publishers :) There's a great Card Museum on their site, from the collection of their Chairman and probably the world's foremost expert on the History of Tarot, Stuart Kaplan.
aeclectic tarot
This fabulous site has a comprehensive listing of tarot decks, with several examples from each deck as well as a mini-review. If you're looking to acquire a new tarot deck, I can't recommend this site more highly. It also has a most excellent and intelligent collection of links. And it's Australian, too.
tarot garden
A great place to search and buy rare tarot decks - a must for any collector. These WONDERFUL people discovered a company breaching my copyright and producing printed versions of my cards and took the effort to track me down and let me know, for which I'm forever grateful.
Scholarly study of the development of antique Tarot and other Renaissance cards. Many fascinating links and essays. *added March 2004*
Tarot Guild of Australia
Organisers of the Melbourne 2005 International Tarot Conference *added March 2004*
German tarot site including discussion boards and database of tarot decks (using google bar for translation to english)
tarot passages Diane Wilkes is now webmaster of this large, comprehensive and long-established tarot site. Other reviewers include Lee Bursten, Michele Jackson and many more. -- the only Tarot on the web that delivers exact positional meanings!
Free short readings or excellent positional detailed readings with a range of decks.

And here are some other tarot artist and author sites that I recommend:

Kris Walherr
Kris Waldherr, artist/author of the popular Goddess Tarot & the upcoming and absolutely gorgeous Lover's Path tarot. A sumptuous experience. *added March 2004*
Tarot of Prague
Karen Mahony and Alexandr Ukolov's very original Tarot of Prague. *added March 2004*
funny strange
Sarah Ovenall and Georg Patterson's Victoria Regina Tarot, one of my favourite decks. Also, great advice on copyright for collage artists.
Rachel Pollack - The Shining Tribe
Rachel Pollack isn't just a world authority on tarot - have a look at all the other stuff she does too. *added March 2004*
Brian Williams site
The late and much lamented Brian Williams, creator of the Renaissance Tarot, PoMo Tarot etc and tour guide extraordinaire. Passed away in 2002. *added March 2004*
Robert M. Place Robert M. Place, artist/author of the Tarot of the Saints, Alchemical Tarot, Angel Tarot and the recent Buddha Tarot. *added March 2004*

And here are some other art sites that I recommend:

web gallery of art
Web Gallery of Art - Online collection of European Art 1200 - 1700AD. Amazing.
The Cloisters in NY
The Cloisters, at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wonderful site, you can zoom right in to look at 50 pieces of the collection. *added March 2004*
edinburgh university historical collection
Edinburgh University (Scotland) - Rich and varied collections of archives, manuscripts, theses, maps, and early printed books.
national gallery london
National Gallery (London) - Their permanent collection spans the period from about 1250 to 1900 and consists of Western European paintings. The collection contains over 2,300 paintings by many of the world's most famous artists.
louvre paris
Established in 1793 by the French Republic, the Louvre Museum, incorporating works dating from the birth of the great antique civilisations right up to the first half of the XIXth century.
EuroGallery is a facility that allows you to search through the websites of European museums and galleries which have their collections online.
manuscript gallery
Manuscript Gallery - Links to all the best Illuminated Manuscript sites on the web, as well as being a beautiful and fascinating site in it's own right.
university of aberdeen historical collection
University of Aberdeen (Scotland) Historial Resources Collection - Online editions of the Aberdeen Bestiary, Burnet Psalter and the Macbean Jacobite Collection.

Free reading sites have their own page.

The Hermit

Ace of Cups

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