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II - the High Priestess

A regal-looking woman, perhaps the legendary Pope Joan, sits on a throne with a Papal tiara and staff. She is flanked by columns, one light and one dark. A cheetah sits obediently at her feet. Her robe is decorated with gilt doves, and she cradles a large red book.

My Interpretation: Female intuition.

Spiritual awareness, and acceptance of life's mysteries. Secret knowledge, intelligence and intuition. Beware of overenthusiasm, and consider all factors before making an important decision.

(Reversed: Misguided passion, adultery. Stupidity and ignorance. Conceit)

Edit notes: The composition of this card is similar to the Rider-Waite card, although their card departed from the traditional "female pope" figure and made it more of a Golden Dawn magick priestess. I've reverted to the literal tradition, as I love the medieval legend of the female pope (Pope Joan). I think this is similar enough to be familiar to RWS readers though - there's still a dark and light pillar. I've used doves on the robe instead of a crucifix for the christian symbolism, and a cat and the colour red instead of a moon for the feminine mystery theme. I'm happy to name it The High Priestess, though, as that name is more familiar to modern readers than The Papess or The Female Pope.

Note: You can download a Bookmark based on this image.

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