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XIV - Temperance

A winged nun stands in a stream, pouring water from one cup to another. A saint casts a blessing upon her from the sky. The stream is flanked by Irises and gentle green hills. A duck floats gently by.

My Interpretation: Moderation in all things.

Having achieved many material and spiritual goals, now is a time of equilibrium. Appreciation of simple pleasures, and a sense of balance. Diplomacy and skilled negotation of a mutually acceptable compromise.

(Reversed: Rivalry, disharmony and conflict, although of a transient nature)

Edit notes: This card is similar to the Rider-Waite card in many respects, far more than my original version. Angel (or in this case, St Clare with wings grafted on), pouring water from one chalice to another, standing in a stream flanked by irises. Instead of the RWD's mysterious shining light on the horizon, I've put a saint giving blessing from a cloud. This was a common medieval motif.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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