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Four of Coins

A crowned, robed figure sits in front of a walled city. He holds one coin and another three sit at his feet. A basket is beside him, and in the background some mounted ladies meet at a gate. He holds a book open on his lap.

My Interpretation: As if by magic.

This is a card of wealth, or at least a windfall - but be suspicious of materialism. Monetary gain at the expense of others may lead to emotional bankruptcy, and inheritance often involves the loss of a loved one. Greed or shortsightedness may mean a loss of all gained - so take care not to lose sight of that which is truly important.

(Reversed: Financial misfortune, failure when tested)

Edit notes: Maybe my interpretation of this card is too negative because of my own distrust of materialism - I should consider a more traditionally positive interpretation of the materialist meaning of this card. The pic at least is quite happy :^)

By the way is it just me, or does that character look just like Queen Elizabeth II?

I've changed images from my v1.0 version to suit Rider Waite readers more.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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