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Five of Coins

A destitute couple stand in a dark church interior. They hold hands, and he looks longingly up at five coins. Pews with open books can be seen under a stained glass window.

My Interpretation: Misguided goals.

Poor decisions, or lack of decision, could lead to destitution and misery. Ill health and misfortune may lay ahead. Take care. Make the most of whatever you have, nomatter how little it is.

(Reversed: Still a card of misfortune, but help is nearby. The path may be rocky, but the destination is in site)

Edit notes: I've changed images from my v1.0 version to suit Rider Waite readers more. This is more similar to the RW deck's card of a destitute couple. I have a stained glass window (as per the RW deck), although my scene is inside instead of outside a church. The coins are out of reach, and of no use to the couple. There are rows of open books (perhaps bibles) but they ignore them. They touch, a reminder that even when we have nothing material, we may still have each other.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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