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Eight of Cups

A traveller with pack and basket sets off on a journey by moonlight. Eight cups sit beside a stream that emerges from a rocky cliff. A bird flies from the cliff and a face looks down gently from the moon.

My Interpretation: Abandonment of materialism.

Putting aside financial security in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. Cutting off from the old and seeking a new life of order and simplicity. A journey is likely, either of body or mind. By exploring the world around you, you will discover more about yourself.

(Reversed: Travel for all the wrong reasons. You can run away from your life, but you cannot run away from yourself. This card could also indicate a detachment from reality - following unattainable dreams at the expense of what was truly good about your life)

Edit notes: Different to v1.0 card as I've added more symbolism to assist readers and made it more similar to the Rider-Waite card in design. There is a passive-faced moon and a rocky stream, and a man set off on a journey. I have added a bird in flight, and the walking man carries a pack and basket to supply him on his trip.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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