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Six of Swords

A man punts a boat in a green river. A woman sits in the boat protectively nursing a baby inside her cloak. Six swords stand erect at the bow of the boat. In the background two men fish with a net from another boat.

My Interpretation: An important journey.

Travel across water, literally or metaphorically. A time of transition, leaving behind past hardships and finding new understanding and acceptance.

(Reversed: Still a card of travel, perhaps running away from an intolerable situation)

Edit notes: Different to v1.0 card as I've made it far more similar to the Rider-Waite card. I have featured the theme of the Flight into Egypt by the holy family, as it's in keeping with the theme of the card (although that was by donkey rather than boat!).

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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