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Nine of Swords

A man sits up in bed with his face in his hands in extreme distress. Nine swords hang on the wall beside him and a fierce black dog watches him menacingly.

My Interpretation: Doubt, frustration and powerlessness.

There's no denying it - this card is bleak. Troubles and worries are weighing you down. Depression and pain are pulling you in a downward spiral. Illness or injury to someone close to you - frustration that there is nothing you can do to help. Things may get worse before they improve, but take care to keep perspective. There are always others who are worse off than yourself, and wallowing in self-pity won't help the situation. Possibly an association with a priest.

(Reversed: Depression, fear and strong feelings of guilt or remorse).

Edit notes: Different to v1.0 card as I've added more symbolism to assist readers and made it far more similar to the Rider-Waite card. The main difference between this and the RW card is that the person in bed is a man, and nude to show the feeling of vulnerability this card signifies. I have also added a menacing black dog, symbol of depression. The character is Adam, in despair on his eviction from Paradise.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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