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Two of Wands

A merchant looks out from a castle battlement over a city and the landscape beyond. He holds a wand in his hand and another rests against the wall behind him. He also holds a globe with the three known continents marked - Asia, Europia and Africa.

My Interpretation: Gifts from the Heavens.

Good things will come to the deserving. Intellect and vision. There is also a connotation of disatisfaction and yearning - a man looks over his dominion, but still holds his unfulfilled dreams in his hand.

(Reversed: A time of worry, but don't despair as a sea-change is in the air).

Edit notes: Different to v1.0 card as I've added more symbolism to assist readers, and made much more similar to the Rider Waite version. The globe in the man's hand shows the only known continents of the time - Asia, "Europia" and Africa.

Copyright US Games Systems 2004

Apologies for small size of image, must avoid piracy.

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