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Golden Tarot News

February 2010: Oops, long time no write.

Tarot Cielo became Touchstone Tarot. Long story, see the other website :) It didn't really end up looking like that sample image, but the 'secret' was that it was a deck of portraits. That stayed the same.

October 2006: Announced my next deck - Tarot Cielo. Not revealing much about it just yet as I don't have a deal. It doesn't LOOK that different to the style of Golden, so what's the big secret? Aha! One thing I can say, it may be a bit controversial. Mysterious, huh?


July 2005: Jasper & I attended the Melbourne International Tarot Conference, for which I created a Conference Card. We had a wonderful time.

July 2004: I'm going to the Faire! The Balingup Medieval Carnivale, that is. If you're in Western Australia on 28th Ausgust 2004, why not come along?

March 2004: As the early reviews have all commented on the similarity to Rider Waite, I thought I should make some mention of the similarity here. So, is Golden Tarot a Rider-Waite clone? Also, I just did a King of Wands Card for Aeclectic Tarot - having a bit of fun ;) I'm also starting to plan a dream Grand (Golden) Tour....

March 2004: It's in the shops! There have been a few teething problems with distribution, especially online distribution, but those are being sorted out and it should be for sale in all the usual outlet very shortly, if not already.

February 2004: Finally, the (Slow Boat From China) shipment made it to the US. Far-fetched though it may sound, there was one final delay caused by an avalanche near Vancouver that derailed the train carrying my deck from the west to east coast of the US.

January 2004: The deck's release has been delayed... and delayed. I'm so sorry - although there's nothing I can do about it personally :( Someone kindly said on the Aeclectic Forum that 'good things come to those who wait' so lets hope the deck lives up to that. It *should* be released within the next few weeks in the US, and although the initial run will disappear pretty quickly with pre-orders, I think a second printing has already been organised.

April 2003: I've redesigned the site to pretty it up a bit in preparation for the release of the deck, still scheduled for October. This site is absolutely HUGE so it's hard to make easy, uncluttered navigation. I recommend using the Sitemap if you're looking for something specific.

January 2003: Yes, I've signed a contract for publication of the deck and a companion book with US Games Systems and completed the rebuild at high resolution.The new print version will be better that this online version as I took a lot more time with each card to ensure that they're both well collaged and contain enough symbolism to make the deck easy to read. I'm usually my own worst critic, but I have to say the new print version looks very nice compared to the original.

Publication will take some time - they're suggesting it should be on sale in October 2003. In the mean time, I can recommend a few of my favourites decks that are available to buy "for real".

If you want to see what Golden Tarot v2.0 is going to look like, you can view a screen-resolution version of a full sample card and download a print-resolution Bookmark featuring one of the new collages if you have the bandwidth and/or patience to wait for it.

See Preview of Version 2.0 card - The High Priestess

Meanwhile, you are welcome to use Version 1.0 cards as a desktop wallpaper. With Windows & IE, right-click on the large version of your favourite card and "save as wallpaper". It looks best with your desktop properties set to "center" and with a black background. If you change it every week, the 78 card deck should keep you going for awhile :^)

As some of my readers have told me, the Major Arcana of Golden Tarot version 1.0 was used without my permission by a German publisher. If you want to know more about this, I will keep readers posted on the Copyright Breach page. Unfortunately, this means that you will only be getting the full version 2.0 shown online as small low-res versions only to minimise theft by commercial pirates. I'll give you a few of my favourites big enough to use as wallpapers etc, but not the whole deck. *sigh*



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