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This site is intended to assist you to interpret a spread of cards you have laid with a real tarot deck of your own. Traditionally it's been said that a tarot deck should be stored wrapped in a dark cloth. Others should only handle your deck to shuffle it when you are doing a reading for them. Really though, it's about what feels right to you. Some consider it fortune telling, others consider it's a personal development tool (I count myself in the latter group).

Regardless of which deck you have (assuming it's a standard 78 card deck), you can use this site to interpret any spread. I usually use the Celtic Cross Spread, which requires a Significator to be chosen before shuffling. Other popular spreads include a quick 3 Card Spread, and the Horseshoe Spread (with variants for Romance and Career).

I don't read cards reversed, since when shuffling the deck I don't change their orientation. This is definitely a matter of personal choice, however, so I have included "reversed" meanings throughout the site for those of you who prefer that method.

Aside from individual card meanings, some other factors to keep in mind:

Major Arcana cards are considered to be of deeper significance than Minor Arcana. A large number of Major Arcana cards in a spread can indicate that this is a time of profound change for the subject, or that there are major influences affecting their life.

Dominance of a particular Suit, Court Card, or Number in a spread can also be significant:

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I hope to be adding a free tarot reading facility here if I can. Meanwhile, I can recommend some other sites for free Tarot readings. Most of the free-reading sites have very little interpretative detail though, so you may wish to keep note of the spread given to you by another site and then return here for a more full investigation of the meaning of each card.

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