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The Horseshoe Spread

This spread is excellent for a thorough analysis of a specific question or situation. It is quite linear, and can adapted for specific purposes: Romance and Career are two alternate versions.

Firstly, the subject clearly expresses the question: eg, "Should I sell my home and move to Canada?". A Significator is chosen to represent the subject or situation, and laid in position 0. The remaining cards are then shuffled by the dealer or subject, cut three times by the subject and laid in the following order:

1. Past
Those factors in the past which are having an ongoing effect on the situation in question.

2. Present Situation
Current factors which are known and obvious.

3. Hidden Influences
Those factors currently affecting the situation of which the subject may not be aware, at least on a conscious level.

4. Obstacles
Impediments, both obvious and hidden, that may get in the subject's way.

5. House
The influence of close friends, family and others of importance to the subject.

6. Action
The best path to take in order to further the subject's best interests in the matter.

7. Outcome
This is the most important card in the layout. It indicates the final result if the path shown above is followed - "the future", if you will. If it is a Court card, it often represents an actual person.

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