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So is it any good?

There's a lot to see on this site, and you can probably draw your own conclusion from here as to whether or not this deck's for you. But if you like to be convinced, you can either do a search to find whatever reviews pop up (that seems pretty fair) or I'll link off here to reviews I know are good, and hope you fall for that. Ha ha!

The obvious place to look is Amazon where the deck has had over 50 user-reviews and is still managing to keep a 5-star average rating. Yay me!

Solandia at Aeclectic Tarot, the most popular tarot discussion board in the world I believe, gave me 5 stars. Could just be because I'm a fellow Australian though:

JMD from the Association for Tarot Studies said nice things about it too in his detailed discussion in their April 2004 Newsletter, available as a downloadable pdf from:

Janet Boyer, the New Age host from Bella Online said good things as well though, and she's not an Aussie...

The Tarot Host there, June Kaminski, liked it also:

And then the lovely Nellie from Tarot Insights was very kind too. My publisher's bribe must have worked ;)

Readers at Amazon in various countries and Barnes & Noble also seem to like it. They say it's good to read with and that with the pretty packaging and spangly gilt edges, it's a bit of a bargain. You'll find all those with the Google link above, or from the links to the right (manipulative subliminal plug there).

The much-respected Diane Wilkes of Tarot Passages has done a very thorough review, calling my deck possibly the most important mainstream deck release of the year:

Somebody called Margaret wrote a very nice review based on the digital version:

And a kind woman named Bonnie at the World Tarot Network did this review:

Let me know if you know of any other reviews. I'm a bit of a cry-baby, so if it's a bad review I'll throw a big sulk, but then might link to it anyway out of some masochistic sense of "Fair Comment". We Aussies are weird like that.

Aha! A negative review, if you can call someone's anonymous Blog a 'review':

Oh, and then this esteemed tarot expert absolutely hates it, and in fact accuses the publishers of abusing Chinese children in it's production (in some odd contradictory explanation of why it's so inexpensive when he also states that both my and US Games main intention is to make money out of Golden Tarot):

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