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Where did it all come from?

I produced Golden Tarot v1.0 as a 'labour of love' for medieval gilt graphics, but thanks to the readers who have been so supportive of the deck - the campaign to get me to produce the deck 'for real' has paid off. Leading this push was New York artist Judy Sidonie Tillinger, whose gorgeous photos you can see at

The deck now exists - for real! If you don't yet have the deck, a range of places to buy it can be compared in my Shop page, as well as other products with the Kat pawprint of approval.

The site's not exactly well organised, as it's evolved beyond what I ever expected when I first set it up, and I don't have the time to go back to the drawing board and completely rebuild the site just now - so please use the Sitemap if you get a little lost.

Pages I've lumped into this section for want of a better home include:

The Grand (Golden) Tour - seeing the art sources in the flesh
Copyright - the Legal Schmegal
Copyright Breaches - Piracy of Golden Tarot. Grrr.
News - What's happening in Katland?
Sitemap - Lists and links to every page in the site

Clear as mud?


Kat Black, March 2004

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