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Glad tidings, fellow travellers.

Golden Tarot is a standard traditional deck, consisting of 78 cards - 22 Major Arcana and 14 in each suit of the Minor Arcana: Coins, Cups, Swords and Wands. I've designed it to be easy to read, with pictures reflecting the generally accepted meaning/s for each card. My view is that it isn't fortune-telling as such, but more of an interpretative tool than anything supernatural.

This main intention of this site was to showcase International Gothic Art 1300-1500. Due to lobbying by kind readers, however (led by the New York artist Judy Sidonie Tillinger, whose wonderful photos you can see at Golden Tarot is now a REAL deck!

The site can be used to interpret a spread you've laid with real tarot cards of your own, or you can now get a free online reading with the deck at Thanks Ari!

If you think the design of the cards looks familiar, that's probably because it's based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

To navigate this site, major sections are linked from the bottom of each page, or you can use the sitemap. I've done a bit of work on my links lately - to some excellent fine art sites in particular.

The original cards can still be seen and used as wallpapers etc. Each old card is linked from it's new replacement or from the sitemap. For those of you who'd like to sample what the new deck is going to look like, there's a Printable Bookmark of the High Priestess available for downloading. Read about developments with the deck in the news page.

Kat Black, February 2004


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